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What’s the Cost

Attorney fees in Social Security Disability cases

There's no up-front cost to you

There is no retainer fee. This means that you never pay your attorney directly. Your attorney only gets paid if we win. Fees are calculated by Social Security and are paid out of any back benefits due to you.

We only win if you win!

Your attorney only gets paid if we win your case. Because your attorney’s pay is dependent on your success it’s in our best interest to get you the maximum amount of back pay possible.

How much will my Social Security Disability attorney be paid?

Attorney fees are regulated by Social Security. In SSDI and SSI cases that are won at the Administrative Law Judge level or below the attorney fee is 25% of your back pay with a maximum of $7,200.00. If your case has to proceed beyond the initial Administrative Law Judge hearing the attorney fee is still 25% of the back pay but there is no longer a cap of $7,200.00.

You have nothing to lose!

If we don’t win your case, your attorney doesn’t get paid. Your only responsibility whether you win or lose is any costs for medical records charged by your doctors and/or medical facilities.

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