I emailed Katherine to make an appointment, but she could not take my case because I was not in her jurisdiction. She still called for a phone consult and gave me some great advice on what I needed to do and where to go. She took her time for that and I think that is above and beyond! I am sorry she can not take my case. She is wonderful!


Thank you for all your help. I know you do this every day and it's your job, but to me this is a pinnacle point in my life . . . I am so glad I found you to represent me. In the 30 minutes we waited before you arrived we saw a number of lawyers arrive and talk to their clients. None of them seemed to be as prepared and committed to their clients as you are. Win or lose you did a great job.



Thank you for making by SSDI case a success! All your excellent hardwork and compassion is much appreciated.

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