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New Change to SSA’s Past Relevant Work Benefits Claimants

Starting on June 8, 2024, SSDI/SSI disability applicants will only have to provide SSA with a
five-year work history instead of the previous fifteen-year requirement. SSA looks at Past Relevant
Work (PRW) to determine what job skills an applicant has, and what if any of those skills are
transferable to other jobs. The rule change benefits applicants in several ways:

Fairness and Equity: Society and workplaces change rapidly, and a fifteen-year window might
not accurately represent a claimant’s current abilities and limitations. Shortening PRW to only
five years better reflects a claimant’s ability to have transferable skills in the current job market.

Streamlined Evaluation Process: Focusing on the past five years streamlines the evaluation
process for both claimants and adjudicators. It reduces the amount of historical data that needs to
be reviewed, potentially speeding up the decision-making process and reducing administrative

Increased Likelihood of Meeting Eligibility Criteria: With a shorter timeframe, claimants who
may not have been eligible for benefits under the fifteen-year rule might now meet the eligibility

A lot has changed in the past fifteen years ago when Blackberry dominated the smartphone
market and the Black-Eyed Peas were topping the charts. Overall, shorter PRW can lead to a
more fair, efficient, and accurate evaluation process, ultimately benefiting claimants by better
reflecting their current circumstances and increasing their chances of receiving the benefits they

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